GVSU Culture (Final Exam #7)

This assignment was inspired by a couple of crazy Grand Valley students and Miley Cyrus. When Miley Cyrus’s wrecking ball song was produced, her music video gained a lot of controversy due to her nudity on top of a wrecking ball. Gvsu students decided that they wanted to give into Miley’s influence and create a music wrecking ball video in the Grand State of Michigan. These videos wrecking on the GVSU wrecking ball were located by GVSU faculty and the wrecking ball was removed from Grand Valley’s campus because of the inappropriate use of this art piece. However, Grand Valley students fought to get this icon reinstalled and made a promise to not abuse the wrecking ball again. The wrecking ball was reinstalled, now with a fence around the ball to make sure that no students misuse this infamous art piece again. Grand Valley can now enjoy this art work from afar and enjoy the funny story behind the fence.

Using Google AdWords allows this blog to obtain an increased amount of SEO or search engine optimization because now the most searched terms related to this topic are included in this post. These keywords will guide people searching for information about the wrecking ball and the GVSU incident to this blog because Google will direct them to websites with those keywords. The keywords I suggested, Grand Valley State University, Wrecking Ball, GVSU icons, GVSU controversy, and GVSU Miley Cyrus, had very few searches monthly while the ones that Google suggested had over 150,00 searches monthly. This is just one example of how using SEO sources can greatly improve your reach.

The images below are of me in front of the wrecking ball and also a screenshot of the Google Adwords global monthly searches. For more information on this assignment be sure to check out my final exam page. Happy SEOing!




Obert, J. (April 23, 2016). Ball [Photograph].

Obert, J. (April 23, 2016). Google Adwords [Screenshot]. Retrieved from https://adwords.google.com/ko/KeywordPlanner/Home?__c=6296482596&__u=1782427116&authuser=0&__o=cues


Twitter Refresher (Final Exam #6)

I decided to design my twitter header to reflect my life! I wanted to express that I am a people person and play on my bubbly personality. I chose colorful pictures to give the header a happy feeling that helps show my great people skills! This will be very beneficial going into a career because of my dream to become an event planner where networking is a very necessary skill to have.

Be sure to see my final exam page for more details on what this assignment entailed! Happy tweeting!

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.39.49 AM.png

Obert, J. (April 20, 2016). Twitter Header [Screenshot]. Created with Indesign.

Art That Speaks to Me (Final exam #5)

For this assignment, I removed the sign, grate, and my shadow. I also applied the “dry brush” filter and yellow filter. I really enjoy this art piece at Grand Valley located by the student service building because I love nature and it’s super bright and happy. Even when it’s freezing at Grand Valley it gives me hope that spring is around the corner (my favorite season)!

Be sure to check out my final exam page for more information on this assignment






Obert, J. (April 23, 2014). Flower [Photograph]. Created on Photoshop.

Beautiful GVSU (Final Exam #4)

For this video assignment I chose to film Grand Valley’s Little Mackinaw Bridge because it’s one of my favorite spots on campus. The beautiful day truly made this video. A lot of sweat and tears went into the making of this video after the entire thing was deleted on accident, but now I feel that I have a firm grasp on final cut pro sense I have made technically 3 videos with it now haha.

Be sure to check out my final exam page for more details on what this assignment entailed! Happy editing!

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.11.14 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.25.24 PM.png


MrSpongebobgulasch18. (July 14, 2012). Asaf Avidan feat. The Mojos – One Day (Reckoning Song) [Radio Edit] HQ. [Video File]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xscn35DSyeQ

Obert, J. (April 23, 2016). Bridge [Video File].

Obert, J. (April 24, 2016). Tweet [Screenshot].

Obert, J. (April 24, 2016). Timeline [Screenshot].

Obert, J. (April 24, 2016). Beauty at GVSU [Video File]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtaiz0S-rkg&feature=youtu.be




Memes: Grand Valley Style (Final Exam #3)

This assignment was super fun and unique! We had to recreate three popular memes the Grand Valley ‘way’. In other words, we just had to recreate the memes ‘Haters Gonna Hate’,’ First World’, and ‘Bad Luck Brian’ somewhere around campus. The second and third meme I actually struggle with almost every day at Grand Valley so this assignment was very relatable haha.

Be sure to check out my final exam page for more details on this assignment! Happy Meming!


Haters Gonna Hate


First World


Bad Luck Brian


Obert, J. (April 23, 2016). Car [Photograph]. Created on https://imgflip.com/memegenerator

Obert, J. (April 23, 2016). Fuel [Photograph]. Created on https://imgflip.com/memegenerator

Obert, J. (April 23, 2016). Haters [Photograph]. Created on https://imgflip.com/memegenerator

Icon Manipulation (Final Exam #2)

The following GVSU icons were edited using Photoshop. Be sure to check out the final exam page for further details on this assignment. Citations are listed at the bottom of this post. Happy Photoshopping!

1.For the rock icon, I removed my backpack, the fire extinguisher metal box, and the fire alarm. I also applied the warm filter (85).



Padnos Hall of Science: This rock is an icon for this hall of science because it reminds students of geology and it’s very unique natural art form that I find a lot of beauty in.


image1 ps

Padnos Hall Of Science (Edited)

2. I removed the closest lamp and the people in the background. I also applied to the cyan filter to emphasize the Grand Valley blue.



Little Mackinaw Bridge: This is one of the biggest Grand Valley icons because it’s the GV blue with the Grand Valley logo and it leads students across the ravine to the rest of campus.


image3 ps

Little Mackinaw Bridge (Edited)

3. I removed the engravings on the clock tower and applied a cooling filter.



Cook Carillon Clock Tower: This is a Grand Valley icon because it is the biggest icon on campus. It stands in the center of campus right outside of Kirkoff and the library where students pass by it almost every day.



Cook Carillon Clock Tower (Edited)

4. I removed the girl from the background that was sitting on the bench and I applied the underwater filter to fit with the fountain (water) theme.



Fountain outside of the Student Service Building. This is a Grand Valley icon because it’s another large statue very recognizable to students. It’s in the middle of the Padnos Hall of Science and Student Service building walkway so it’s noticed frequently by students.



Fountain outside of the Student Service Building (Edited).


Obert, J. (April 23, 2016). Fountain [Photograph]. Created with Photoshop.

Obert, J. (April 23, 2016). Tower [Photograph]. Created with Photoshop.

Obert, J. (April 23, 2016). Bridge [Photograph]. Created with Photoshop.

Obert, J. (April 23, 2016). Rock [Photograph]. Created with Photoshop.


LOGO (Final Exam #1)


For my logo, I decided to design it to be very simple yet fun. I chose the same lavender color I used in my business card in order to create a consistency with my ‘brand’. I decided to use cursive font for my initials in order to make the logo look more professional. However, I think with the color the logo still looks fun which is how I would like to present myself being that I’m going into event planning. I chose to use Indesign to create my logo because I feel more confident in that platform than I do when using Photoshop.

Be sure to check out my final exam page for further details on this assignment! Happy branding!

logo center

Obert, J. (April 20, 2016). Logo. Logo. Created with Indesign

Networking #2

Last night I dragged my boyfriend and I to go hear Ron Culp and Matt Ragas speak at the DeVos Campus downtown Grand Rapids. Expecting it to be the most boring event, I tightened my bootstraps and walked into the university club room already yawning. However, to my surprise the event ended up being super interesting and I learned a lot from attending!

Culp and Ragas are two PR professionals from Chicago that donated their time to GVSU to speak on a book they co-authored about the business side of PR. What was very interesting to me, and even a little bit scary, was a point they continued to stress that as a PR professional,  business knowledge is absolutely necessary. Personally, I have close to zero experience in the business world and haven’t learned anything business related in my courses so far. Taking the advice from these professionals, I look forward to reading their book next semester and gaining the business insight I am now aware I need.

Culp and Ragas did a wonderful job keeping their presentation informative while adding humor and involving the audience instead of just lecturing at us. If you weren’t already aware of their book Business Essentials for Strategic Communications I would recommend picking up a copy or at the very least giving their names a quick google! As always be sure to check out my most recent blog post on the future of this blog! Happy Networking!


Obert, J. (April 15, 2016). Me. [Photograph].

Looking into the Future

My technology course is slowly coming to an end and with only 2 weeks left the question comes into play of what will happen to this blog. I’m thinking that I should keep it! I’m not planning on posting about my life on this blog, however I may continue to add school work and use this as a sort of online portfolio! I think showcasing all the skills I have learned throughout my years at Grand Valley through a blog is a unique way to show a portfolio. Also, I now have a lot more experience with various technologies that I hadn’t before this class and what better way to address those skills through actually showing the work I did.

Although I might not be posting quite as much, I’m going to try to fit blogging into my life because I think it may put me at an advantage in the future. I don’t see any cons with keeping this blog, so why not?! As always make sure to check out my most recent blog post on tweetdeck! Stay tuned because you never know what I may be blogging about post-class lol. Happy blogging!

[Future sign picture]. Retrieved from http://www.playbuzz.com/emmasmith12/what-does-your-future-hold

Timely Tweeting

Going into the PR and Advertising field one of the most important aspects of these careers is maintaining the brand or company’s image. In order to do this you must stay in the audiences mind through frequent posts and advertisements. Several different websites and applications are out there in order to help you and your company with frequent posts. One of these websites is Tweetdeck.com which allows you to schedule tweets on a specific day at a specific time to be posted. This website is super simple to use and saves you a lot of time!

I made a Tweetdeck account in order to complete this assignment and scheduled 5 tweets to be posted every day this week. I wasn’t able to get every tweet in the screenshot, but you get the idea. Scheduling tweets every day like this will create frequency and raise more awareness. This assignment was very helpful because a lot of PR nowadays is through the use of social media and using helpful websites such as Tweetdeck. Definitely check out either Tweetdeck.com or hootsuite.com to save you some major time! As always be sure to check out my most recent blog post on my google certification! Happy Tweeting!


Obert, J (April 4, 2016). Tweetdeck [Screenshot]. Retrieved from https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/